Gurung (Tamu) Ethno-graphic Museum

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This Museum stands on the third position for being established in the chronology of the history of museum in Pokhara. It was established on the bank of Seti River in the year 1990 A.D. by the effort of Tamu Pay Lhu Sangha (association). The objective of the establishment of the Museum is to preserve and develop Tamu (Gurung) history, language, culture and customs as well as Bonism, which has been followed by the indigenous people, Tamus, as their own ancestral religion. In this context, the Museum has been a great work to make anyone learn about the Tamu people’s life style and history.

Inside the building, a visitor comes across dummy of a Tamu lady weaving a piece of cloth on a unique, traditional handloom. It is so attractive and fascinating that one does not like to turn his eyes away from the sight. Weaving cloths in such typical handloom is a traditional occupation of tamu ladies. There are various exhibitions to present the Tamu lifestyle in paintings, posters, dummies and collection of costumes, ornaments of  gold and silver such as Dhungri and Naugedi. There are dummies of Lamas (the priest of Tamu society) performing different rituals during birth, wedding, death etc. Besides, there are the display of bows, arrows and quivers which were used by their forefathers in hunting for defending themselves in their settlement from the attack of the enemies. The most valuable collection is the manuscript written in special paper made by then using chemicals.

Thus, apart from the native or domestic tourists, the Museum welcomes a great number of foreign visitors. The museum is also invaluable for the researches as well as visitors who like to enjoy the different life style and culture of Tamu Communities. The Fascinating attraction of the environment around the Museum is the turbulent flow of Seti River through a vast open sandy area and the mouth of the George where the river enters and disappears.

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